Vitargo Carbohydrate Powder

Vitargo is one of those rare products reinforced by multiple university studies, conducted in top research laboratories led by world class scientists. The evidence showing Vitargo to be the Fastest Muscle Fuel links a critical metabolic sequence, unmatched by any other carb: from gut transit to glycemic response to glycogen recovery to recovery performance. In each of these studies Vitargo was compared head-to-head against the fastest generic carb, maltodextrin: * BLOAT-PROOF - 2.3x faster movement through the stomach into the intestine, in just 10 minutes after a 75 gram dose. So you can gulp (not sip) Vitargo pre-training/competition, or even intra (during) and not worry about bloating or seeing it again * GLYCEMIC SURGE CRASH-PROOF - Just 10 minutes after a 100 gram dose of Vitargo, the speed of blood sugar (glycemic) rise is 2x faster, with no glycemic cliff dive. Fuel your brain and your muscles faster, without carb crashing * GLYCOGEN SPEED - Intense exercise, of any type, relies on muscle glycogen as the major fuel source, even under low carb/low glycogen conditions. Two hours after exhaustive exercise, Vitargo led to 1.7x higher and faster muscle glycogen replacement5. Part of this may be due to the 1.8x higher and faster insulin spike just 10 minutes after taking it. It's not how high/fast is the glycemic (or blood insulin) response but how high/fast are muscle carbs (glycogen) being replaced after intense training or competition. Vitargo is fantastically suited for carb loading, due in part to it moving so quickly through the gut. * SAME DAY RECOVERY - You do an intense, glycogen-depleting training session, followed by just 2 hours of rest. With Vitargo as your immediate post-training carb, you would be able to crank out up to 23% more (10% average) maximal endurance work over 15 minutes, just two hours after pounding your muscles into submission. That's real world, measurable recovery performance.